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Sunday, November 1, 2009


I take off for the city (that's San Francisco for you nabobs from the prairie) tuesday. Have the Hillsborough Antique Show. The following two weeks will be action packed as well so it will be touch and go on the blog. But like, shit, haven't I given you enough?

I got a serious problem seeing as I lost my new Blackberry phone yesterday. I am phoneless and anyone who is expecting to hear from me needs to know that I don't have your number unless it is committed to memory. Also that I am experiencing sheer terror.  So if you need to get ahold of me, get ahold of Les... Staying at the Westin. Hopefully it will be found or it will get worked out.  If you need me to call, put a comment on the blog.

My new buddies from China/Nigeria haven't written back and it's been almost a day.


Speaking of China, I have a friend with a manufacturing plant there and he tells me my website was blocked when he was there last week. I ripped the regime a few weeks ago but can't believe they would take notice of something as inconsequential as this website. But still I am a proud poppa with the slim  and remote possibility that I may have tweaked somebody's noise out of joint. I have had hits from China today so perhaps it was a temporary thing.

Incredible dinner, Bri and Morg. Thanks!

Sharp eyed blog readers will notice the affinity I have for the thirties and sixties. I think that decades of depression and social unrest are responsible for some of the best artistic movements and programs such as the WPA. Ironically, poverty and chaos sometimes brings out the best in us. Some of the best sixties art has still not been processed. I just got a fantastic collection of lefty posters that may only now find a proper audience. Great cultural artifacts even if the message is a bit utopian for even me.

Joe Lieberman is such a putz. His core constituency in Connecticut can't stand him. He knows that he will never win another election. Seems to me he is just another megalomaniac in the spoiler role. Now he is holding the country hostage to his promise to filibuster the public option, a legislative tool he once promised to abolish! He is doing major damage to an administration that bowed over backwards to be gracious to him after he ass ended them during the last election. He even got to keep his chairmanship. Now he acts like a petulant child. Get lost, Benedict Lieberman.

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grumpy said...

wow, your elitism is really showing, "you nabobs from the prairie", shades of Spiro Agnew; yeah, i knew Bay Area folks referred to SF as "the city", big deal(just don't call it "Frisco", never ever); seriously, do well at your show, hope you get your phone woes straightened out; we'll try to scrape by in the hinterlands in the meantime.