Egret and crab

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jefferson Airplane - High Flying Bird

Sorry the end is clipped but witness the power of grace.


grumpy said...

is this the same song that Richie Havens covered? sorry, the Airplane's version sounds like a disjointed mess to me...

Blue Heron said...

Well bless your pointed little head Grumpy... Disjointed? Methinks that that head is screwed on just a little too tight. I was going to reject your comment initially, then I thought that I was becoming too much of a comment nazi, and you know we liberals abhor censorship. So I post it, but only to remonstrate you for its idiocy. The Airplane were an incredibly well oiled psychedelic machine. Grace and Marty are having a vocal interplay fraught with passion and power. Jorma is crackling with his command and vibrato. Jump in the pool. You obviously need a dose.

The song was written by the little known Billie Ed Wheeler, popularized by Judy Henske, a version also performed by the Au go-go singers with vocals by a man named Steven Stills. But the airplane give it the majesty to fly.