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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Softie in Chief

Well they got the debt deal done. That old fox Obama sure showed those Republicans a thing or two. Gave them everything they asked for. No revenue increase. Deep cuts. No unemployment extension. Balanced budget amendment. Super Congress. I can hear Boehner's cackling way out here in San Diego.

The President pinioned his democratic rank and file countryman in the most basic triangulation move imaginable. That everyone saw coming. He basically folded like a deck of cards. You don't play poker with guys like these unless you know what you're doing. Mitch McConnell must be really chortling tonight. The President was all bluster after all. He blinked. What a loser. Pitiful.

My dad would occasionally take me to the bullfights in Tijuana when I was a kid. Saw the great Eloy Cavazos. Lomelin. Lots of the sixties greats. The worst thing you could say about a matador was El Matador no tiene huevos. Mi presidente tambien. A maricón. Punked.

I was packing at the shop today. Brett came over and some guy from Obama's re-election group called me for a donation. I laughed at the guy and told him about my distaste for the president and his evident willingness to screw his base. The guy thought about it for a second and told me he agreed with me. Pelosi and the Democratic leadership have a choice to make. You GOP guys want to burn the house down? Guess what, we can to, you can stick the deal right up your ass.

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