Blue Heron in flight

Saturday, April 13, 2013


My wife Leslie is having her annual sale at Caravan. Everything is marked down. If you have never been to Caravan, you are missing out. She is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 to 5, and sometimes later.

She has never painted her windows like this for a sale and several people have asked if she is going out of business. No, she is not. It is a sale. Not sure how long it will run.

Leslie carries a wide range of women's clothes, including tops, dresses, shoes, belts, hats, jewelry, jackets and all sorts of other accessories that are too extensive for me to list. If she is not there, the lovely Juleen is happy to help you.

They got in some amazing clothing from Citron this week. Citron is my favorite company, they do the phenomenal oriental prints, she even snagged me a couple of men's shirts.

Caravan is located at 109 N. Main Avenue in Fallbrook, suspiciously close to my store, the Blue Heron Gallery. Her phone number is 760-731-4890. Pop in and see what she is carrying. You might just leave with something great. She doesn't know that I am promoting her on the website so let's keep it our little secret.


Ken Seals said...

Maybe you can get Santana to perform to help draw the crowds.

Anonymous said...

Caravan rocks great shop a treasure in our town.
Deli guy

grumpy said...

such a shameless plug, gotta love it.

Frisky said...

I really have to check it out. Hey I saw the 7 min video Frank made of you so thought I'd pop over to get your #'s back up. Have a good show.