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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elizabeth Bernstein

I want to brag about an incredible cousin. I was browsing around the internet looking for something or other and ran across her picture demonstrating outside the Arizona Capitol.

Her name is Elizabeth Bernstein. She is a lawyer and teacher who lives in Bisbee, Arizona. I only met her once, years ago at cousin Jonna's party in Studio City. There are a surfeit of attorneys in our family, it seemed like they filled 70% of the packed room. We are certainly a contentious, if not cerebral tribe.

Elizabeth is a very competent attorney. She represented the Navajo Nation in the Supreme Court, winning a unanimous ruling against Kerr Mcgee in 1984.

I did a quick web search on her and her background and life seems so impressive. Cornell, Harvard Law School - magna cum laude. Spent two of the last few years in Honduras in the Peace Corps.

Here is a screenshot from Linked In.

She sounds like an amazing woman, one who obviously believes in service and helping the disadvantaged. I am so proud to be a member of her clan.


Anonymous said...

who the hell is she? buzz

Blue Heron said...

One of mom's cousins.