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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Looking Glass War

I had a great ride back from the Bay Area yesterday. Stayed at Kerry's, left early, hit Melissa's for coffee, left Fresno early, garbage burrito at Miguel's Jr. in Corona, home. Stopped at every rest area I passed for a twenty minute snooze. Back quick.

One of the things I did for my amusement was circle through the entire Sirius spectrum, through classical music, outlaw country, porn, Howard Stern, sports, weather, the gamut.

I listened to a lot of the Arias trial testimony on HLN. Your crime station. Heard a lawyer last week say that we don't give beautiful people the death penalty in this country, see Casey Anthony. Snookering the jury to go easy on her, Arias will be able to do the time standing on her head.

News is very gentrified and balkanized these days. If you turn on Fox, it  focuses on the Gosnell abortion trial, christian persecution and Benghazi. MSNBC will key on say, gun control, rapacious bankers and mean republicans. You dial in  your personal politics and you select what news will be presented. Talk about "stove piping."

Newspapers are so dead and getting deader by the day. If the Koch brothers buy the Tribune Co. with their tremendous holdings including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune it will truly be the last nail in the coffin. I have seen what happened in San Diego with Doug Manchester destroying the U.T..

Of course Murdoch and Fox started the whole mess. Newspapers are always a day late these days anyway. Leslie has seen everything I offer up earlier in the day on Facebook. Dead communications vehicle but a real handy partisan megaphone.

The Tsarnaev saga is right out of John Le Carré. Even an operative named Mischa. Where in the hell is George Smiley when you need him?

A close couple friend of mine got divorced last year. As is unfortunately sometimes the case, we had to pick and fell in with one party after the dissolution. I was discussing the vagaries of the relationship with a mutual friend a few months ago and he made an interesting statement.

He said that I could not judge most any couple's particular dynamic because couples are like icebergs. You see the very top but the stuff runs so deep that you have no way to know what is really going on?  I think that he is probably right.

I owe somebody ten bucks. Blog went over a half a million views April 24th. Vlad tells me that the number is meaningless, what is important is unique visitors. Unfortunately Google doesn't let me discern such statistics.

Couple weeks on the run without a rest, I am burnt to a crackly crunch.

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