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Monday, April 1, 2013

Fool such as eye

I passed 4000 posts yesterday. I suppose that I should bake a cake. Thank you to all of my loyal readers. Your allowance of this daily pesty intrusion means a lot to me.

In a month I will crack a half million views. Some cute cat blogs do that in a week. Is it a lot or a little?

It is all fools day today. I was wondering why it comes so soon after easter and passover, in a religiosity sense. But I don't think one can build a nexus.

The practice of pulling jokes may have originated in the ancient roman festival of Hilaria which starts on March 25. It may have arisen as an honor to the resurrection of Attis, Roman God of plants who was linked to the new spring. In Britain legend states that April Fool's Day commemorates the unsuccessful mission of the raven who was sent out in fruitless search of land from Noah's ark. Some trace the day to India, some to France's Feast of Fools or Asses.

Fool me once your fault...

Times Haiku.

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randyman said...

Wasn't the fool once the highest, most privileged of positions? The only person who could critique, lambaste, ridicule, correct or box the ears of the King himself with impunity?

And in tradition, the wise king would reflect upon and take counsel from the fool's jests. Would that our current kings would bear that same wisdom...