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Monday, April 15, 2013

Hit the road jack

I want to let the daily and casual readers know that I will soon be out of commission for a while. Show this week, show next week, one soon thereafter. No real time to write. My life starts to get complicated starting wednesday.  Not that the last couple weeks haven't been slightly tumultuous themselves with job related discussions and things I don't want to really get into.

Looks like I will have to drop out of college, actually for the first time. I am on my fourth week out of ten weeks with the Duke University Behavioral Economics class but there is just no way to put the study time in on the road. What I have gained so far from the course has been incredible and life changing. Sorry that I can't complete it.

While the lens problem has taken all the wind out of my sails today, I do know that I can't borrow any body else's gear and need to budget for my own long glass. Maybe the Sigma 130-500mm or a Tamron equivalent that I can take back to the Rockies in October. If you know anybody selling anything long and affordable that will fit a Nikon mount, please let me know.


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don't leave mad....just leave.