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Friday, October 17, 2014

Tesla S

A man from Tesla brought an S model to the Calm Antique Show in Santa Barbara. He let me sit in it and check it out and I am here to tell you it is pretty sweet. Missing something though, an engine.

The Tesla man said this car will top out at a governed speed of 134 mph, much slower than the newest car model, the recently rolled out P85D, which is supposedly the fastest thing on wheels.

I liked the way the flush door handles popped out. The interior was very nice and it felt good sitting in the front seat.

This car will set you back a cool 120k. Lots of room for luggage too.

The car I sat in was the performance model. Receives a half charge in 20 minutes. About 10 hours to fully charge. 416 hp. 0 to 60 in 4.6 although that probably understates the car's performance. It has a near instantaneous top speed and no transmission.

Due to its advanced regenerative braking system, the brake is almost nonessential, braking being accomplished through the accelerator pedal.

I know that money can't buy happiness but if I ever get the chance to rent it a while, I might spring for one of these. And hint, hint, my birthday is coming up.


Anonymous said...

for 25,000 I can take my Chevy 1983 dually engine out and have 500hp electric engine put in and the battery packs to go 100 miles.. Dont waste your money lo

Blue Heron said...

well I got no car
and its breaking my heart
but I got a driver
and that's a start.