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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Republicans Are People Too?

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the current ad campaign that attempts to re-humanize the Republican image and retool the GOP brand. Did you know that Republicans drive Priuses and recycle? Shocking! They have beards and tattoos, too. Shop at Ikea. Quite the gourmet cooks, I hear... Mac computers? Come on, now.

I am not going to pile on. Enough people already have. The twitter comments over at the Advocate are pretty priceless.

It certainly didn't help matters when it was discovered that all of the "normal" republicans in the campaign were simply stock photos of people whose actual political affiliation is unknown. A bit of a credibility gap if you ask me.

Like they couldn't find one black republican that drives a Prius?

This ad campaign segues nicely with the new Repub ad campaign in Florida, ostensibly geared to simple minded young women, where picking out a candidate is compared to picking out a new dress. You can get a plain old dull dress like Charlie Christ or the new, hipper Rick Scott model, which happens to be bald and never blinks.

This one really is so insulting, offensive and gratuitous, if I was a young person and was treated like I was this stupid, where candidates are merely the fashion statement, I think I would go running for the exit door screaming.

And how about Florida GOP member Steve Southerland. He can't be a sexist because he has been to a lingerie party. You convinced me, Steve.
"Tell the Misses [sic] not to wait up," he told the "small group of concerned men," adding: "Good men sitting around discussing & solving political & social problems over fine food & drink date [sic] back to the 12th Century with King Arthur's Round Table".

"I live with five women. That's all I'm saying. I live with five women," Southerland said. "Listen: Has Gwen Graham ever been to a lingerie shower? Ask her. And how many men were there?"

Is it just me or does anyone else sense a major disconnect with these people?


NYSTAN said...

The GOP, instead of treating the populace as intelligent, seems hell bent on treating them like idiots. I am disgruntled as a Dem, but man alive.....appalling behavior.

Anonymous said...

There are intelligent conservatives out there who are not raving fools or cynical realpolitick manipulators but I suspect they have been suppressed in the current crazy phase just as the crazies seek to suppress those who they see as nonconformist. Conclusion: Damn right there is a huge disconnect.

WildBill said...

You might like to see Bill Maher's take on this ad.


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