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Friday, October 24, 2014

Coming soon to a country near you!


Former Reagan aide Douglas Mackinnon thinks that the time is ripe for a secession, southerners and conservatives should create a traditional values country where gays and "libruls" are not allowed. And the new country shall be called "Reagan." He said that secession had been tried once before but was illegally stopped by a bunch of no good northerners.
"...the South had “seceded legally” and “peacefully” during the Civil War, but greedy Northerners like President Lincoln “waged an illegal war that was in fact not declared against the South after the South basically did what we’re talking about in this book now in terms of peacefully, legally and constitutionally leaving the union.” 
Good luck on that, Douglas. But if you don't take Texas too, we got no deal.

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Sanoguy said...

My solution: trade Texas for Baja. Just think of all of the good beaches we would get!!!