Greater Egret

Friday, October 31, 2014

Who knew?

Who knew that President Obama's greatest wish was for a nuclear Iran, or should I say an Iran a year away from nuclear weapons capability? Obama plays footsie with his new pals, the Iranians, Hamas and Hezbollah. Dangerous times, shortsighted policy, forget everything the presidential prevaricator has ever said about the subject, he gets to finally get his wish and shove it up Bibi's ass during his curtain call.

Of course it's a little tough for our Secretary of State John Kerry to remain objective when his wife Teresa Heinz and her endowment is a longtime Hamas supporter who funds things like Conflict Kitchen the restaurant that proudly only serves food that originates from somewhere in the axis of evil.

Treating our friends like enemies - National Review

If Obama's wish is to plunge a knife into the chest of his biggest supporters and former supporters I think he is doing a truly great job. Wonder what Charles Schumer is thinking right about now?

Things might get a little tough at those posh liberal fundraising parties in Hollywood and New York for the dems.

The long term repercussions of this act of cowardice and appeasement will be enormous. I guess the Iranians have always been so trustworthy, the Prez just had to take a shot. What's the downside?


Sanoguy said...

Blue Heron: tell me it ain't so... You are listening to Fox News????

Blue Heron said...

I think the substance of the remarks is more important than the delivery system. I believe the story initially broke in the Washington Free Beacon. Rhodes is a member of the Iraq study group, since 2006, and is thought to be both the architect of the new detante with Iran and the anonymous originator of the infamous chickenshit comment.

I have to call them as I see them and I personally feel betrayed by this president, on many levels.