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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Beautiful Buteos

I am preparing for my trip, getting some loose ends tied up today.

Picked up a new palm from Bill Early at Las Palmas this morning, a lovely cross between a butia capitata and a queen that is referred to as a mule, because it is sterile. Bill's a good guy, stands behind his material.

On the way out I caught this Red tailed hawk on the familiar branch overlooking the Santa Margarita River. His wing feathers tell me that he may have been in a recent scrap.

A great friend invited me onto his private property this morning to see some young hawks that were nesting. He wants to keep it a secret so please don't ask. Sorry.

There are three eyass in this group. Not sure if they are red tailed or red shouldered but I will have the opportunity to watch them grow up this year and I am very thankful. Will let you know when I meet the parents.

The geography of the property gives me a distant but birdseye view.

Cute little critters.

 Stay tuned!

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Max Hall said...

Love the shots of the baby birds!