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Thursday, May 25, 2017


The CBO numbers are out on the Republican health care plan and they are frankly pretty scary. Not only are twenty four million Americans expected to lose health insurance if the bill comes to pass, it will disproportionately affect the old and the infirm. This line item says it all for me:
According to the CBO, 64-year olds making $26,500 per year would see their premiums increase by an estimated 750 percent by 2026. While they are on track to pay $1,700 under the current law, the CBO projects the American Health Care Act would force them to pay $14,600. 
By my rough calculations, this would amount to 55% of a person's annual income going to pay for medical care. With necessary expenditures for food, shelter, gas, heat and clothing I just don't see how this works in the real world. Well, actually I do see how it works, people will forego health insurance, they will get sick and they will die.

The GOP, sensing the brewing firestorm, is filling the netwaves with senseless blather about health insurance rates doubling under Obama. And being totally dishonest. Because they don't include the Obamacare health subsidies in their recap.

My personal health insurance did go up under Obamacare, but fairly gradually and incrementally and nowhere near double. Not anywhere near a potential 750% increase like this. How did the line go from the old Band song? "They're trying to shuck us..."

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