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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Los pájaros

Ferruginous hawk, SJWA
The big plan was to go to Torrey Pines Preserve today and shoot falcons. But the road needed emergency repairs down there and was shut down.

And my photo pal I was going to shoot with couldn't go. So I worked a little in my shop this morning and tried to put some of my affairs in order.

I'm not even sure if there are babies this year. But I love kicking it down there and I'm ready to take a shot when the opportunity presents.

Yesterday Leslie and I stopped back at Tamarisk to see if we could find one of the long eared owls. No luck and we both looked really hard.

Peregrine Falcon

I did see an all white juvenile barn own fly out of 24. Don't think it was a long eared juvenile anyway.

My wife mentioned how I never want to go out, to concerts, social events and the like anymore. She's right.

Late life social aversion complex. Do real well with several not so good with a bunch, especially when they are drinking, or packed together like sardines, or dumb as doors.

Ziggy Marley concert last year was the worst. Great music but I realized that I was done at large outdoor events. Need my space. can't take compression anymore.

But I do love the birds.

Probably won't make it to Alaska this year or much anywhere else, with the exception of Canada. No interest in trips or expeditions. And the photographic equipment I have at present is more than adequate for my purposes. Will work close, with what I have, and hopefully continue to improve as an artist, pay the bills and be a good husband and brother.


Blumoon said...

Just being with intention can bring new expeditions.really appreciate the hawk photo.

Jon Harwood said...

When I stopped adding photographic equipment and software I found that work diverted into actually making better images. Turned out to be a good thing.

I think just going to Canada is the right thing. There may not be any energy for other stuff.