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Saturday, May 27, 2017

russians are coming

"This is off the map. I know of no other experience like this in our history, and certainly not within my life experience."Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA and the CIA

with the knowledge that the president could do anything imaginable and 38% of the population would not care in the slightest, no matter what - this Kushner secret backchannel story with the russkis may be the greatest malfeasance uncovered yet. old hands in the intelligence service are reportedly aghast, no matter what McMasters says about the practice. Mind you, this occurred before Trump was crowned king. Presidents can back channel, President - elects can not.

the question at breakfast was - in the event that the fiasco gets opened up, does Trump throw his own son in law to the wolves? the general consensus was - yes, he would. and I have no knowledge either way but if I was a betting man, I would say that it was all the donald's idea. somewhere in the old soviet union is a bagman who was willing to finance trumpco when times were tough, he sent the kid over to fix things, who knew that the feds make it a standard practice to tape these people? kid will fry, donald will skate, his type never gets dirty and never takes the fall.

next - Team Trump goes to the mattresses.

stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Can't he pardon his son-in-law? or am I mistaken?

Blue Heron said...

not once he's been impeached...

Jon Harwood said...

While the "progressives" are apoplectic, waving nooses and hollering for impeachment, I think the best thing is patience. If we can hang in there without getting immolated in an accidental nuclear accident, the Elmer Fudd cartoon will keep running. Elmer ought to be allowed to keep committing pratfalls until the sloped forehead knuckle dragging supporters can finally reach the conclusion: "you mean he only wanted our votes". By August when there are zero legislative accomplishments some Republicans will walk away. In Mid 2018 when the supporters notice that there are no new jobs they will finally begin to look for something else. I think three things are desirable: 1) A mighty electoral disaster for the Republican party. (probable) 2: The emergence of a Democratic platform that appeals to the white working class (could happen, might not happen) 3) The biggest Fantasyland dream of them all--The emergence of a center conservative party from the ashes of the Republicans (not likely but, hell, everyone can dream.).

Sanoguy said...

Good thoughts, Jon!! I hope the Dems can get it together. They definitely need some new blood that can articulate the platform you are describing.

What is really unusual about this is that, apparently, Kushie was proposing that the communications be done at the Russian embassy so that the communications would be outside the purview of US intelligence. This was, apparently, very naive on Kushies part or very conniving.