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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Some friends...

I bag on President Trump quite often, not agreeing with the great majority of his policies. But like a broken clock, he is occasionally right.

I agreed with his taking a stand for the Syrian Kurds, agreeing to arm them recently, against Turkish objections.

The Kurds are an ancient people, who long inhabited an ancient land and were dispossessed, much like the jews. They seem to be our only reliable ally in the muslim world. They deserve an autonomous homeland.

It is amazing that the Turks can come to the United States of America and beat up Kurdish protesters indiscriminately.

Armed bodyguards of Erdogan beat several nonviolent protesters bloody this week in Washington D.C., including several elderly men.

The Trump administration needs to protest this shameful event and condemn the Turks in the strongest of terms.

The Turks of course view the incident differently. They cast it as a failure on the part of local police.
The Anadolu news agency framed the guards’ actions as a response to the presence of “terrorist” sympathizers — apparently a reference to Kurdish activists.
The news agency criticized U.S. police for failing to end the dissent; such protests are largely suppressed in Turkey.

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