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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Is the gas industry engaging in PSYOPS against its opponents? Watch this video from Democracy Now.

The spawn of satan, Liz Cheney, has shaken up the Republican establishment in Wyoming by running against the long time and much loved native Senator, Mike Enzi.  He thinks that it is a great way to treat a friend. She says that she told him of her plans. Enzi is an older fellow and Cheney is already resorting to the venal brand of dirty tricks that were perfected by her father, Lord Vader. The evil whelp says that   the senator was probably “confused” when he said Cheney had told him she wouldn’t run against him. Maybe his depends were cinched a little too tight.

This blatant ageism might cost her votes in the state but it would certainly make the late Lee Atwater and Uncle Karl proud.

Made the mistake of looking up an old girlfriend on Facebook last night. Not a lot of information but her favorite news channel is Fox and she now belongs to the "Why I am a conservative" Facebook group. Wow, what a right turn. One minute we are tripping on the Montauk dunes and the next thing I know she has morphed into Anita Bryant. Glad one of us never grew up.

Colorado town mulls bounty on drones.
Reuters) - The farming and ranching town of Deer Trail, Colorado, which boasts that it held the world's first rodeo in 1869, is now considering starting a 21st century tradition - paying bounties to anyone who shoots down an unmanned drone.
Next month, trustees of the town of 600 that lies on the high plains 55 miles east of Denver will debate an ordinance that would allow residents to purchase a $25 hunting license to shoot down "unmanned aerial vehicles."
Similar to the bounties governments once paid to hunters who killed animals that preyed on livestock, but only after they produced the ears, the town would pay $100 to anyone who can produce the fuselage and tail of a downed drone.
"Either the nose or tail may be damaged, but not both," the proposal notes.
Did you see the photos of the guy on his motorcycle being chased by the wolf up in Canada? Pretty cool.

It was good to see that both democratic and republican congressmen and women kept the administration on the hot seat yesterday in regards to the surveillance revelations, hammering Deputy Attorney General Cole pretty well. Thank you Sensenbrenner, Conyers, Nadler, everybody who is enraged by the massive invasion. This is not a partisan issue, it should worry every American, no matter where they fir on the political spectrum.
“This is unsustainable, it’s outrageous and must be stopped immediately,” said Rep. John Con­yers Jr. (Mich.), the highest-ranking Democrat on the panel.
Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R-Wis.) — who sponsored the USA Patriot Act, which ostensibly authorized the collection — warned that the House might not renew Section 215 of the act, a key provision that gives the government its authority.
“You’ve got to change how you operate 215 . . . or you’re not going to have it anymore,” Sensenbrenner said.
Yesterday we learnt about "hops."
“The court has approved us to go out two or three ‘hops,’ ” NSA Deputy Director John C. Inglis said. “And it’s often at the second hop” that information is gained that leads the FBI to investigate the person’s contacts further.
A “hop” refers to the way in which analysts broaden their analysis. When analysts think they have cause to suspect an individual, they will look at everyone that person has contacted, called the first hop away from the target. Then, in a series of exponential ripples, they look at everyone all those secondary people communicated with. And from that pool, they look at everyone those tertiary people contacted. This is called a second and a third hop.
 “The first hop takes you to 100 people” the person called, Jaffer said. “The second one takes you to 10,000. The third one takes you to a million.
“Snowden, I don’t like him at all,” said Rep. Ted Poe (R-Tex.), “but we would have never known what happened if he hadn’t told us.”
Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the chairman of the committee, said he was surprised that the programs had been kept secret for so long.
“Do you think a program of this magnitude gathering information involving a large number of people involved with telephone companies could be indefinitely kept secret from the American people?” Goodlatte asked.
“Well,” ODNI general counsel Robert S. Litt said with a slight smile, “we tried.”

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Anonymous said...

As far as the sociopathic thuggocrats in DC and their bankster masters in NY are concerned everyone in the world that's not one of the .1 of 1% is a potential "terrorist" (read "opponent of their depredations") and thus a target for surveillance.