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Friday, July 19, 2013

Le Bistro

Le Bistro is doing a special italian wine pairing on Monday night. We got a blast from Colleen the other day.

I have eaten at Le Bistro a couple of times recently and the food has improved a lot. We had a nice time and the hosts were great and very engaging. It would be nice to see more people in the seats. Entree's are less expensive and the menu has been tweaked. We really enjoyed ourselves. Here is a picture of last week's pork normandy.

Is it Chef Robert's pork normandy? No, it is not, he has retired. You will never get that again. The new rendition is a bit more subtle, the flavor set is a little more reserved. I would like to see it with added caramelization but it might just be me.

Beautiful plates. Leslie had the duck and gnocchi, we had a great salad and a really fantastic apple dessert. Carpaccio to start, wonderful buffalo mozzarella plate with beautiful heirloom tomatoes as well. Excellent bread, so hard to find these days.

I give Steve and Colleen a lot of credit for trying to make this restaurant fly. They had some growing pains but I think that they are now finding their stride. These things take time. Give them a shot. You will have a nice meal. Maybe I will see you there Monday night.

Le Bistro
119 N. Main
Fallbrook, CA 


Jeff Nichols said...

Thanks for the note on the dinner, Robert - I wouldn't have known otherwise. Sounds like great fun; we'll be there. Hope we'll see you there.

Blue Heron said...

my res is at 7. hope to see you.