Tuesday, July 23, 2013

steely dan - the royal scam

Donald Fagen takes some shots at Dylan in the latest Rolling Stone that are sort of amusing.
Fagen said, “I’ve been to Bob Dylan shows where I essentially walked out in the middle. I just didn’t like it. Usually there’s a good reason why those songs shouldn’t be done.”
“Dylan’s voice is shot. There are certainly times when that doesn’t bother me so much depending on the song, and he still comes up with ways of doing tunes that makes that OK, but with him it’s more that he does a lot of recent material. He has about a dozen minor-key drone tunes with three chords. I find that very tedious… He actually has some songs that are even more boring than some early Appalachian songs…” It's amazing that he actually . . . It's songs with 512 verses and no melody. It's more than I can bear, really.
And when asked if Dylan should see a throat specialist Fagen said, “I think a psychiatrist more than a throat doctor would probably be useful at this point.”

This might be my favorite Steely Dan vocal, by David Palmer, now a digital photographer.


Anonymous said...

Thats kind of funny. Zach went to a Dylan show last weekend and walked out after about 5 songs. Said it just wasnt what it used to be and was more like spoken poetry. Loves to listen to the old stuff tho

grumpy said...

sour grapes, Donald..Bob will retire when he' fuckin' ready...