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Monday, July 15, 2013

Retinal Burn, Stone Steps

© Robert Sommers 2013
My mother left a rather terse message last night, called me today. Why hadn't I wrote about her on the blog? She has been on her deathbed for two weeks and I can't even mention it? Ow, sorry ma. Told you reading the blast was bad for your blood pressure.

Ranger's eye © Robert Sommers 2013

She is worried about money and her email is broken and what could I do? Not much about either but maybe in a couple weeks. Her aides are costing somebody a fortune. Told her to go to sub acute care, she didn't want to listen. Read that, Ma? Hope that you feel better, you have been through a lot of crap.

Family kidney is evidently our genetic Achilles heel. Me, Buzz, mom.

Orange tree, Tetons © Robert Sommers 2013


randyman said...

Sorry to hear you're facing this, Robert. You have my empathy.

I just found out in the past two weeks my 90-year-old father is on his way out, with colon cancer. Months or weeks.

Society expects us to react one way; they don't know the backstory. I wish you peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

Robert the sunset with surfer is so beautiful
and the orange tree !
WOW ! You are such a great photographer.
Thank you,
P.S. Just tell your mom you love her very much !


Anonymous said...

Love the Stonesteps photo, both for it's beauty and it's evocation of the years I spent there.


Anonymous said...

Nice orange tree


Anonymous said...

I like the orange tree. print it on aluminum.