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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

They walk together...

I haven't explored the Jesus dinosaur genre for a while, so I thought I would try one with my limited HDR skills. Here the lord is washing Peter's feet in front of the frisky reptiles. I thought that the toy dinosaur added a certain amount of verité.

Maybe not as good as my last effort, which is shown below and can be found here.

I am not bashing here, I know that the great majority of christians don't believe that Jesus walked with Dino or that the world is 6000 years old.

It's just fun to take the piss out of those that do. Feel free to attack any and all of my sacred cows if you have the inclination.
"The existence of dinosaurs does not contradict with the Bible in any way, shape, or form. In fact, dinosaurs fit perfectly in with what the Bible says. The Bible says that God created all the land animals, including dinosaurs and man, on Day 6. So yes, dinosaurs and man did live together in the past. However, they didn’t call them dinosaurs. They called them dragons. Dragons are mentioned in the Bible 34 times.
So why don’t we still see dinosaurs today? Well, there could be a few still around. It is impossible to know what is living on every square inch of this planet. Most of the dinosaurs were killed during the flood of Noah’s day. Dinosaurs getting off of Noah’s ark faced a very different and harsh environment from that of the pre-flood world. Many died as a result of this post-flood climate change.
Many were also killed by man. There are many legends all over the world about people slaying dragons.
Most of the dinosaur fossils that we find are from the dinosaurs that were buried quickly during the flood of Noah’s day."

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