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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wave, Paria

I read today that three people have now died this summer at the popular sandstone formation in Utah known as the Wave. The Wave is one of the most picturesque places I have ever photographed but have to admit that the hike kicked my ass way back when I was in better shape. Temperatures have been downright scalding this year.

The trek can be quite grueling and even hellish if you miscalculate on water. We left early in the morning but once you are there you don't want to leave and the afternoon trip back is what unfortunately literally kills you. 

I hiked out by myself and ended up walking several miles and then laying down in the shade of a bush for an hour or two to recuperate before meeting my hiking mates, one of whom, Kerry, is shown in the upper photo. I had run out of water and was seriously parched and can see how the fatalities occurred. You are a long way from anywhere out there.

Several Germans in spandex were there with 8 x10 rigs that must have weighed a ton and I salute them. It is not easy to get permission to visit the wave, we won a lottery. I expect that it will now get even harder. Don't know if I will attempt it again in my current cardiac condition. If I decide to try, do yourself a favor and take out an insurance policy on me.


Ken Seals said...

Excellent images! I've never been there, but I do question whether I am up for the hike. Want to try it next spring?
It's a shame the ones who perished didn't prepare better.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Have you ever checked out havasupai falls in the grand canyon? Amazing place.
Deli guy