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Monday, March 12, 2012

Compared to What


MC. said...

BH ... you're my idol! "Compared To What" by Brian Auger & the Oblivion Express. When we lived on the North County coast during the 70's, we had many a pleasurable experience to this song. I believe the tune was first courtesy of Les McCann, but Mr. Auger's take killed. It totally killed!

Blue Heron said...

It certainly smokes. Heard it last week on Deep Tracks the other day and made a note.

Here we have his son Karma on drums and daughter Savannah on vocals.

grumpy said...

song was actually written by Gene McDaniels, of A Hundred Pounds of Clay fame, and recorded initially by Roberta Flack on her debut album. then Les along with the great Eddie Harris released it on their live at Montreux album Swiss Movement and jazz history was made...this version of Brian's kills, though, especially half way into it when he starts wailin' on the e-piano with one hand and the B3 on the other. Lord have mercy. and that guitar player is something too, whoever he is. great stuff.

Blue Heron said...

I believe that the guitar player is named Chris Clermont. Les and Eddie released it before Flack's version, and set the gold standard. Her version blows in my opinion.