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Monday, March 12, 2012

Lost Weekend

My batting average in the Los Angeles environs remains dismal. I could have pulled two grand out of my pocket and just burned it, saving a lot of gas money and road wear on my new ride. I saw a lot of old faces that I remember from way back when and they still aren't buying.

There was a time when I was in the minor leagues that I actually did pretty well up there but when the door slammed shut it really slammed shut.

The promoter suggested that I show a bit more enthusiasm and I tried, standing on my head and giving them the whole seal act but they just weren't having any.

Someone suggested that the people had a lot of money but were extremely insecure and that I would need to convince them to buy but it has really never been my style to separate people from their lucre that way. If you love it and can afford it, buy it but I won't arm twist and rarely push. And so I sit here feeling rather broke on a monday morning.

Of course, the paradigm may have fell off the tipping point, my model may no longer resonate in an urban environment. The world is trending cool tone modern and I am more of an amber classicist. It happens. Maybe angeleƱos sense my underlying antipathy for their vulgar city. If you have to live in a city at least make it a real city like New York for god's sakes. Los Angeles, where banality is an art form.

Uneventful weekend. Car handled nicely on the way up but the new van feels heavier and a bit more sluggish off the block than its predecessor. Stayed at the dumpy Glendale Hilton, next time the Red Roof. Exorbitant parking, no internet, crappy bathrooms and tiny television. My Verizon modem decided to die so I spent the weekend disconnected, probably a good thing.

On the television I watched thousands of shrieking southerners cheering for bass fishermen at a bass tourney in Shreveport. It was like championship wrestling. When did fishing become a spectator sport and where was I?

Ate at La Cabanita twice, a definite high point, got an earful of Hanoi and Cuba from Dermot. I leave there shaking my head and feeling decidedly conservative. Tampiqueno the first night, with chewy, limey tortillas that are the best anywhere and chuletas con pasilla the next. Heaven.

Jill and Byron came by and we had our first long talk in ages, which was really great. Exceptionally bright and interesting couple. The promoters did a wonderful job, great music the whole show, a New Orleans band marching the crowd in at the opening, moon pies and rice crispy treats for the dealers on set up. A beautiful show, some people did really well, just not my turn. It seemed to be a decorative and object crowd rather than art collectors. I am happy I gave it a shot and thank those involved in its production. Ran like a top.

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