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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Three Thousand!

According to the good folks at Google, who provide me with a free blogger platform for the Blue Heron Blast, without allowing them to advertise for that matter, this is blogpost #3000. Whoopee, calls for some sort of celebration. Raise a glass to the blog at your next possible opportunity.


Speaking of celebration and milestones I think that we should all give serious consideration to this December 21, 2012 business. End of the world as we know it, mayan calendar, rapture, blah, blah, blah. Now I don't really cotton to the idea but had some respect for some that did, like Terrence McKenna and Jerry Garcia to name two. So just in case I think that we all should start planning just how we really want to spend such a pivotal day,maybe one of the most critical days in our existence, if the wild assertions have any plausibility whatsoever.

Now my plan is to find a power spot. I have canvassed a few suitable friends, of whom I would like to share such an apocryphal day and sought opinions on where we should take off from. I have heard Haleakala, Chichen Itza, Kauai, Two Bunch and a few other spots. Maybe Chaco, Kathmandu, Crater Lake or Machu Picchu. The Mayan thing is the natural call but might be a bit crowded. Was there for the festival of the feathered serpent once on March 23, me and my closest 25 thousand mayan friends, that is. Find a place that you are comfortable and try to levitate ourselves and the planet right into another orbit, just for a lark, just because we can.

I do think that you old time psychedelic warriors who maybe haven't shaken the cobwebs out for thirty or forty years or so might consider getting fungal for such an occasion. Tap into the homo gestalt groupmind. Old times sake and all. Put yourself in a space to just walk off the planet and straight into the cosmos, on the rainbow bridge to Valhalla or Asgard. Kapow. Be all that you can be, just like the boy scouts.

Just a thought.


Ken Seals said...

I think you can add Aspen to your power spot list, for many reasons.

grumpy said...

when was all that Rapture bs, last year? didn't buy that and i ain't fallin' for the Baby Boomer version either. but hey, whatever floats yer leaky New Age boat. have at it. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Why wait? Fallbrook has plenty of energy spots, it s unique in that way much like Northern New Mexico. They aren't so hard to find and if one has difficulties some of the local Indians might be able to guide one.

One has to be cautious though. Magical intentions are pretty darned important and y'all have to be careful what you ask for. The local Ravens and Coyotes know what is happening and how to screw up people who aren't in tune with the earth.

A Fallbrook Crow told me that they have a much better calendar and that the Mayans were just amateurs who learned from him!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see all of your readers write thier top ten list.