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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scalitize it!

It seems like a lot of conservative folks will soon be celebrating the death of their evil nemesis, Obamacare, at least judging from the remarks of our esteemed SCOTUS. I get their arguments. The government shouldn't be able to force you to buy anything. They can force you to fight and die for them but not to carry insurance. The state government can require that you buy insurance if you wish to buy or drive a car but heaven forbid the government requires everyone to have health insurance.

I sort of liken it to what I call the Gary Busey saga. Remember when he demonstrated so vehemently about his right not to wear a helmet, only to have his brains splattered all over the pavement in a horrendous accident. Who paid for that mess? Well, besides Gary, of course.

If everybody carries insurance there then exists a pool of premium money that can cover those that exist on the margins and those with pre-existing conditions. Like the rest of the civilized world, does it.

Sure are a lot of five to four decisions with this court, aren't there? Bush/Gore, Citizens United, no corporate boot that they seemingly won't dry hump, I have little allusion that the health care mandate is not toast. And it will be back to business as usual and you will wait a very long time if you think that you will get an honest plan to deal from the problem with the conservatives, the let them die crowd.

And americans, buffoons that we are, will once again have only ourselves to blame.

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Anonymous said...

5 to 4 If you had those odds you'd do alot of lottery tickets.
Lets see what those patriotic conservatives think when it's a 5- 4 vote to strip them of all their rights. Better yet, wait until they get their dream of controling all brances of our government.
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