Nocturnal battle

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday muddling breakdown

The great boxing writer and personality Bert Sugar died yesterday. Bert was a very smart man and one of the best boxing scribes around. Definitely will be missed.

photo manipulation by robert sommers

I pulled out in front of a cop this morning, rolling through the stop, definitely pushing the envelope. Never  caught his official status until the flashers went off. I guiltily and slowly pulled over to the curb and quickly took responsibility for my treachery and malfeasance.

The cop was of stocky build, shortly cropped hair and what looked to me like a real passion for his craft. He says, "You know what the difference between stop and slow is?" I pondered for a second."When I am beating on your head with this nightstick do you want me to slow down or stop?"

I have always loved a cop who had an appreciation for metaphor. He let me go with a warning.


Just heard a great version of the Grateful Dead's epic Dark Star performed by Garth Hudson on his The Sea to the North album from 2001. Almost has a dust bowl Harry Partch feel at times and I really liked it. Not up on youtube, might have to actually buy the disk or song.

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