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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mike Port is 94

My buddy and landsman Mike Port turned 94 today. (So did my sister. Hi Barbara!) I met him down at Denny's, his morning hangout. He came in shuffling on a walker but I think it's a prop. When he set it down he was gliding around like Fred Astaire. Mike is of course the long time owner of Port's, the men's clothing store diagonally across from our stores. Did a lot for this town, from the Boys Club to extending credit to people that couldn't afford clothes.

Denise brought cupcakes. Ray gave him a present. It turned out to be a rock, the only thing Ray could find older than Mike. Jerry his son and his longtime pal Bruce rounded out the table. Mike is still sharp as a tack, spry and handsome. We all should be so lucky to get to 94 looking like Mike. Happy Birthday, Mike!

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