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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Guess I should shpiel a little. Lazy afternoon. Couple interesting things out there. Google Trends show that not only are more countries trying to regulate and censor the internet but now we find out that the muslim countries seem to be the most infatuated with sex. Weird, perverse sex.

Not really news to me, I see why they land on the blast, figure out the strange search requests, many are looking for something quite sordid. Not exactly coming for the profundities or photography.

Anyway, seven out of the top ten countries searching for sex sites are muslim. Pakistan has long been the global porn search champ. Can you say repression? The term "Men kissing" was once most sought out in Utah of all places but the new king of the hill is Pakistan. How the hell did they find the time to build a bomb? The top five countries for animal sex are Pakistan, India, Morocco, Algeria and Indonesia. If you are visiting any of those places I suggest you leave your pets at home. What the hell is wrong with you, Pakistan?

I got on Google trends for a little of my own trend spotting. Pastrami is most sought after in Honolulu of all places in the United States and Hungary globally. Hungary? Denver is the new weed capitol.

Puerto Rico is the obvious Clonopin champion. What do they have to be depressed about? The top ten searches in the world for armageddon are all in Brazil. What gives there? Lighten up people. Sky ain't falling. The Brits are the big time seekers for transvestite, eight out of ten.

The Philippines are the world's current hemmorhoid champs, followed closely by New York. Don't get into a zit popping tussle with anybody from Minneapolis, they have the market cornered. Albany is the number one city for queries about the Grateful Dead, followed by Rochester and Denver. Chart shows a steady decline since 2004. Finally.

Grateful Dead search graph
Country rank for queries looking for the term fuck:
1. Pakistan
2. India
3. Malaysia
4. Egypt
5. Greece
6. South Africa
7. Indonesia
8. Australia
9. United States
10. Canada


MC. said...

You're too funny! Great pop culture news.

MC. said...

And what's with the photo of you in the blue Snuggie? It's kind of gay.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a jean jacket...there is nothing gay about Robert!!