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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Shpiel

"Do you think I should sell one of my old Nikon's now that I am getting the new one?"

Suddenly I felt a short, staccato, icy burst across my bow. "What new one?"

"Oh, the Nikon D7000. We discussed it, didn't we? You know it's been years since I have had a new camera. Only so many shutter clicks left in the old girl, you know? Anyway it should be here tomorrow."

Leslie was really pretty cool with it, hey it's your money, I can't tell you what to do, etc. Always better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. The camera came yesterday. Think it will be a marked improvement. I get a lot of pleasure from photography and think I owed it to myself to finally get a new rig. D7000 should offer a marked improvement in resolution, light sensitivity, frames per second and a host of other areas. No one can say I didn't get my money's worth about what is in comparison a toy, the old D 40x. Still it is hard to spend money on a luxury item in this economic environment.


Everybody knows that Helen is super smart but Barbara brought the breadth of her genius home in spades. As soon as the Italian cruise ship hit the rocks, Helen was on the horn booking her next trip with the company, figuring that prices would plummet, which they did. So while we stay plunked down in Paducah she is having a gay old time ferrying around the Norwegian fjords with her hubby. Some people have all the brains.


My cardiologist called the other day. Blood work finally came back. My bad cholesterol numbers are way down, good cholesterol is way up. He was a little astounded. I owe it all to my new high fat, sugar laden diet. Might even write a cookbook. I have a working title - Eat like a swine and live longer.

Speaking of which, we libertine gourmands better eat all the fois gras we can this month, because next month they won't allow farmers to stuff any more grain down our canard buddies' gullets. Vincent's, anyone?


Word on the street is that the Patchetts and Clayborns dined at the new Vintana restaurant in Escondido last night and really liked it. To my knowledge, neither party bought a new Lexus during dinner.


My new favorite meal in Fallbrook, after the shrimp and garlic skillet  at Rosa's is Pedro's' Tacos fried chicken burrito. True culinary genius.


Statistics show that people in poverty actually spend $1.50 for every dollar that they claim that they have, at least according to a Neal Bortz faux commencement speech that Will forwarded to me.


On the same topic, a buddy of mine in town likes to complain about the unions and is applauding the Wisconsin recall result. Only problem is, his spouse is getting serious bank for her teacher retirement every month. I am like, if you feel that strongly, how about sending some of that money back. Not a chance.


Indica varieties of marijuana may make you insane, at least according to this study sent to me by Shawn in Thailand.


Michael Cartwright has just sent over his new issue of MUST - the Temecula Southern California Wine County online newsletter.


Anonymous said...

I have a problem with government agencies at any level, handing out our tax dollars, without means testing, to the extent that your "blue" states and the federal government are accumulating unsustainable deficits. I don't have a problem with present wage levels...I do have a problem with the present level of public sector pensions. I am not alone in this thinking...San Diego just voted, overwhelmingly to address their pension problem.
Your "Buddy" BTW, Get a job!

Blue Heron said...

Hey pal, I'm for means testing too but like I said, charity starts at home and time for you to make a voluntary contribution. And for your information, the red states are a bigger suck on the federal government revenue stream than the more enlightened blue states. Look it up.

Michael Cartwright. said...

Blast Man ... thanks so much for mentioning MÚST, our Southern California wine country newsletter. (Which includes the growing number of vineyards and wine in Fallbrook).