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Monday, June 18, 2012

Tropical flower

I was at Delos Eyer's fiftieth birthday party with Leslie the other evening and espied this trippy plant popping up in Peggy and Brad's garden. They thought it might be a banana flower but it was growing right out of crown of the fat grizzled trunk, which seems a bit odd to me. I worked on a banana farm in Israel for a spell and don't remember anything like this. Anybody know? Very pretty. About 20" wide.


Sanoguy said...

Nice image... very sharp, I like the blurred background. Must be the new ( almost new!!) camera!!

MC. said...

To my eye, those sure look like bananas forming between the petals of the flowers. When Karon & I lived on Lana'i, the island played home to a banana plantation and this looks similar to what we saw there.

island guy said...

While it does look a lot like a banana flower in many ways, I think it might be a kind of Heliconia. I have seen flowers (the small things coming out between the layers) similar to these in some Heliconia species. There are lots of banana varieties so I wouldn't rule that out. However, it is not only very unusual in shape and color, but I never saw any flower stalks growing out of the sides of banana stems, only from the tops.

Anonymous said...

It is Musella lasiocarpa also know as the Golden Lotus Banana from Yunnan,China.

Blue Heron said...

Thank you very much, whoever you are!