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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Christian Domestic Discipline

Your spouse been a little disobedient? Jesus thinks they may need a little paddling.

Check out this article over at the Daily Beast. There's even a Christian BDSM fetish board and this website.

I been real bad, lord...


Anonymous said...

jesus wants you to beat your wife - And a flat spot on top of her head where you can set a drink.

Anonymous said...

I always thought the Jesus of our culture needed a psychoanalyst.


Unknown said...

Isn't a mild, noninjurious spanking or light paddling good for a disobedient, rebellious, backtalking wife or child?
For abusive husbands we have jails. The old whipping post, which was in use for wife-beaters clear into the 1930s, is appropriate for minor abusiveness, drunkenness, gambling, laziness, etc., so that he can be beaten on Saturday and be back to work Monday.
Spanking/paddling is what a woman's fleshy butt is for. Striking her in the face, breasts or especially pregnant belly is a big no-no! Deserves a heavy beating but not enough to keep him from going to work. If he won't work, put him on the sheriff's chain gang. Feed him with a "mystery" shake made by putting his meals in a blender and making a nutritious slop for him.