Blue Heron in flight

Monday, June 24, 2013

There's gold in them thar icebergs

photo: Gerard Van der Leun

When the world starts thawing its ice, make frozen daiquiris.

Okay so the arctic is melting. We admit it. Know what it means? There's money to be made! Read this incredibly vapid and shortsighted article by Scott Borgerson at Foreign Affairs, The Coming Arctic Boom As the Ice Melts, the Region Heats Up. Chillingly stupid. Lets not worry about the ramifications of the cataclysmic environmental spiral that we have helped promulgate, let's think about plunder and planting our flag...
"Thanks to global warming, the Arctic icecap is rapidly melting, opening up access to massive natural resources and creating shipping shortcuts that could save billions of dollars a year. But there are currently no clear rules governing this economically and strategically vital region. Unless Washington leads the way toward a multilateral diplomatic solution, the Arctic could descend into armed conflict..."


randyman said...

This is like saying - as the Titanic begins to sink - "hey, all the best staterooms are emptying out!"

Anonymous said...

SantaClaus is doomed!