Blue Heron in flight

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sweet dreams and flying machines

My friend Jonathan Hill from Santa Fe has sent me some very interesting stuff of late. Jonathan is a superb guitar and saxophone player and a longtime dealer in tribal art and antiquities.

Recently he sent me a link to a story regarding the curious notebooks of Charles Dellschau (1828-1923). In 1969 a picker found 15 of Dellschau's notebooks, with illustrations of flying machines that long predate the Wright brothers, all encrypted in an arcane script. Read the fascinating story here.

Jonathan also sent me a link to a curious new art form - Pakistani folk art that incorporates a new element of their landscape, the Predator missile.

This work bears a distinct thematic resemblance to the afghani war rugs that started sprouting up in the early seventies during the Soviet years, filled with the cross cultural iconography of tanks, planes and Kalatchnikovs. Who says that we no longer have any international influence?

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