Blue Heron in flight

Friday, June 21, 2013


Did you see the fascinating story on the Pala Indian tribe in the San Diego Reader a few weeks back concerning disenrollment? It is titled Can you find the big secret in this casino? and is worth a read. A study of the corrosive and destructive power of money and what it does to friends and families.
“We have more right [to be members] than any of them. We are the Cupeño Indians. They are the Mexicans and the outsiders. The United States government has allowed a bunch of Yaqui Indians and a bunch of Cahuillas to come in and take over our tribe.”
The Reader published an interesting rebuttal from Tribal Chairman Robert Smith last week. The whole thing just stinks to hell. Looks like in the end, with help from the United States government, the Luiseños gave the Cupeños a good screwing.

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