Blue Heron in flight

Thursday, June 20, 2013

New pen pal

I admit that at times I may suffer from an over attenuated sense of importance, classic narcissistic personality disorder, whatever. Still I have noticed something rather curious; when I post to the blog, a little star instantly lights up on the feedjit map off the west coast of Africa, pretty much every time. When I move my cursor over it, it says that the location is unknown, the only heart that does not give me a read.

The reason I bring this up is I occasionally wonder if my blog is being monitored by the blue meanies? Not that the information I provide can't be found at a ton of different sources, nothing top secret or proprietary here. Merely a clearinghouse for music, sports, art, politics, what have you...

An associate of mine has a son who is a big time operative in the military and has been stationed in Liberia for the last few. And this crazy notion that ran through my mind was, is it possible that our own data collection is occurring offsite somewhere? Or do I just have an overactive imagination and maybe a new penpal I haven't met someplace off the western African coast?

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