Peregrine flight

Friday, September 18, 2015


I went back up to the San Jacinto Wildlife Reserve yesterday afternoon in hopes of dialing in my new lens. Gas tank was on e and with visions of getting stuck out there all night running through my head, I skeedadled back out to a gas station and then home. Far fewer egrets than a few weeks ago, perhaps there are more in the morning time.

I thought that the bird on top was a green ibis but now believe that it is probably a white faced ibis. Not sure if my egret is a cattle, snowy or great. I think that my ignorance phase is near over and will finally have to start learning something about birds.

more pics.


Judith Sparhawk said...

You got some nice pics of the ibises, including the green irridecense in their feathers. Yes, the species you will find around here are White-faced (pretty sure there's no such thing as a Green Ibis, at least not in N. America!) The egret is a Great Egret--yellow bill, black legs, large. I'm assuming you have a field guide to help out for IDs--if not, run, don't walk, to the nearest bookstore to get one. As a photographer, I can say that knowing the birds makes shooting them even more fun. Thanks for sharing.
Judith Sparhawk

bettylouise31 said...

I tried to create a link and I don't have blog on Bloggers and I have all I can do right now. My WordPress blog has many photos of birds and animals

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Robb!. Jerry