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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Borrego Springs Trek

Yesterday, Ken, Mike and I took a photography trip out to the desert. We met early at Mike's, who was kind enough to have coffee and doughnuts ready.

He drove his car down the hill to Borrego Palm Canyon and we started our trek. We hoped to see bighorn sheep but weren't lucky enough to this time. Did have a really nice hike.

It is amazing how much water is up there still and wonderful to see the only native California palm in its original habitat, Washingtonia filifera.

It was a beautiful day, not too hot. Nice breeze. Got a good workout in and enjoyed the flowers and scenery. The Palm Canyon is quite the oasis.

Mike saw these two frogs and thought they were having a piggyback ride. I know that I am a hopeless romantic but I prefer to think it was love.

We had an early lunch at Carmelitas. The staff was still talking about the recent influx of tourists that the locals call Flowergeddon.

We headed back out to the slot canyon for some more shots, with tripods this time.

Need to work on them and see what I got, didn't really have time in this morning's rush.

Met some cool fellow hikers out there who thought I should go into stand up and borscht belt comedy.

Might be right.

Afterwards we headed over to the Tamarisk Grove.

Reports of a long eared owl on my birding forum this week.


I took a zillion shots, will bore you with a few. Still not sure exactly what I grabbed. Definitely felt the limitations of the quality of my long lens. I can dream.

 Will post some more as I process. Really beautiful bird, very docile. A treat for all of us.

A birding couple from Los Angeles showed up and I led them back to the bird, tripping over a rock in the process.

Thankfully my equipment was spared and my body not too badly bruised. Nothing hurt much but my pride.

We stopped at Lake Henshaw for a beer and a coke on the way home. A very satisfying day!


Max Hall said...

Beautiful with all of the water. The humming bird looks none to pleased with the owl.

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

Fabulous owl shots.

Patrick said...

Fabulous shots. What a lovely thing to see!
I'm just a little envious.