Rapt attention

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ever seen Mitch look so happy?


Anonymous said...

like the turtle that ate the canary.

Anonymous said...

Why not get rid of all laws, all rules and regulations, and declare trump "King of North America"

Unknown said...

Harry Reid must be regretting his push to change the rules to allow for a simple majority in the senate when he used the nuclear option to eliminate the ability to filibuster in 2013. As he said "This is the way it has to be" and President Obama went along. The Democrats won 52-48, setting the precent for the Gorsuch nomination.

Blue Heron said...

Plenty of blame to go around Michael, I agree. Biden certainly set the thing up as well but Mitch's obstruction of Obama took it to new heights.

"By 2013, for example, 79 of Obama’s nominees had been blocked by filibusters, compared with 68 in the entire previous history of the Republic."


Anonymous said...

They think they've won something.