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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Look to the sky

© Jon Harwood
There's certainly been some interesting signage of late in Fallbrook. Jon Harwood took this shot of the guy who was at the Avocado festival.

Guess he was pretty aggressive, calling out everybody equally, nonbelievers, christians and failed to respond. He looked to Heaven and Earth and evidently only saw the wrong brand. Bargained for salvation and got hisself a lethal dose.

We had a similar protester at Palomar College during the Women's March, the lord directing him to get real nasty in everybody's face. Cops eventually excommunicated him.

And this billboard was recently installed above the 7- Eleven, Jesus, your only way to God. Only way, huh? Sounds pretty emphatic.

I recently finished the Travels of Marco Polo and Marco recounts trying to explain to Kubla Khan, and I certainly paraphrase, why there could only be one god and in fact it was the one that he himself had grown up with.

And the Emperor finds this highly amusing, presiding over a dominion that accepted all faiths including Mohammedans, Christians and Jews. But the Pope wanted Marco to baptize everyone in their path and sent some priests along for just such a task, which was majorly rebuffed. I will go back to the library and copy the passage for you one of these days because I found it quite illustrative.

Wondered to myself if polytheism wasn't merely a dodge to tell the rabidly devout to just mind their own business.

I still can't for the life of me figure out why certain religions including Islam and Christianity, think they got the only route available to whatever they consider salvation. Or could even give a rats ass about what anyone else thinks?

The Buddhists don't try to convert anybody, neither do the Jews, or the Unitarians for that matter. Why are some faiths still seeking spiritual scalps? I find it rude and overbearing personally, not that that matters.

What is the rationale for the need for some adherents to display these sorts of messages? I tell you what. If I am off base and end up in hell, you can throw rocks at me and say I told you so.


Max Hall said...

If heaven is full of people like that, I'll gladly take my place in hell.

barbara finwall said...

I certainly agree with you, Robert! And with Max Hall.


Anonymous said...

cram it right down our throats.