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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bruce Langhorne

Bruce Langhorne, legendary Village guitar sideman, has passed away. Langhorne plays guitar on these cuts but also played with Dylan on a lot of stuff including Corinna, Corinna and Maggie's Farm. Here he plays the great guitar part on Peter Paul and Mary's version of Lightfoot's For Loving Me. Interesting life story, a childhood prodigy who lost three fingers in a fireworks accident and had to stop playing violin.

I have nothing but respect for groups like the Weavers and Kingston Trio, Peter, Paul and Mary and the New Lost City Ramblers, all of that wave. They sang and played beautifully and they sang with a purpose. They sang songs of a topical and political message while the Chuck Berry's and Little Richards were writing about dumb teenagers in the back of a chevy. I think they accomplished more than they are given credit for.

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