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Saturday, April 15, 2017


Are you bored with the same old lunch? Perfunctory tacos, burgers and burritos getting you down? I suggest that you try something wonderful and fresh, at Aydee's Garnacheria in Fallbrook. I wrote about Aydee's last year when it opened, a Guatemalan restaurant in a sea of Mex. And no, the cuisines are definitely not the same.

First one that we have ever had here, that I recall, in a town with a fairly sizable Guatemalan population.

I still love it. In fact I'm loving it more than ever since I discovered a new item there that I am just crazy about, the gordita. The gordita is a deep fried masa pocket, like an empañada or arepa in a way. At Aydees you can get it stuffed five ways. My favorite is the piquant chorizo potato but they were out of that today so I had a beef and a chicken. They also have cactus (nopales) and a relleno version whose exact name I momentarily forget, something like rasas.

The beef gordita was excellent too. $3.99 per gordita, eat them piping hot and tell me if you don't get addicted. These gorditas pair beautifully with their homemade y muy delicioso red and green salsa.

And be sure to try the rice tamales served on banana leaves as well as excellent sopes, soups and birria. They also serve the best and freshest smoothies in town. Place is clean and the food is delicious. Gorditas will make you a little gordito but it will be a fun ride.

Aydee's Garnacheria
110 E Mission Rd
Fallbrook, CA 92028 
(760) 723-0110

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