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Saturday, April 1, 2017


Line up, Swamis

Sanoguy sends a pretty disturbing post over regarding the EPA, New EPA documents reveal even deeper proposed cuts to staff and programs. Ceding environmental responsibility to the states will work about as well as ceding medical insurance and Medicare to the states, that is, not at all.

For one thing, the states are already underfunded, some of them don't even regulate their environment, many of the problems are of federal conception e.g. Keystone, and you also get airborne pollutants and polluted waters that don't exactly respect state lines. Is Missouri supposed to sue Arkansas if they receive a nasty toxic drift?

This is a deliberate and cynical ploy by the administration and the industrial polluters they represent. I believe that we will be fixing the deliberate environmental evil promulgated by this administration for decades.

I wrote about the overturn of the federal ban against the insecticide chlorpyrifos the other day, an overturn of the evidence of its own staff scientists. Now I find out that the agency won't even look at the issue again until 2022. Nasty people.

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