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Friday, September 15, 2017

Another day at the office

My paper restorer moved to Hemet and I had to bring her a couple things yesterday. Might as well see what was happening at my favorite place to get lost, the San Jacinto Wildlife Area. Just happened to have a couple cameras with long lenses in the van.

It was by no means an epic day. But it was a nice day. More kestrels around then I have ever seen in my life, maybe close to fifty. No mosquitos, plenty of dragonflies.

They are starting to fill the ponds again. Should be great in another month or two.

I would pretty much rather spend a bad day there than a good day anywhere else.

Didn't see another soul for over two hours and had 19,000 acres of unspoiled beauty to myself.

Me and the coots and the ibis and the egrets and the kestrels and the red winged blackbirds.

We were all doing just fine.

There is a sign there that cautions you to watch out for mountain lions.

I thought about it, just hope that I could click the shot before I got et and that somebody would find the camera and figure it all out. Congratulate me posthumously on my wonderful capture.

Hard to have a bad day when it is beautiful out and you get to share it with so many flying friends.

Caught some hawks in my valley on the way home and snapped this red tailed canyon resident with the nikkor 400mm 2.8 early this morning on my way to coffee.


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Many nice pix!! I will volunteer to handle your PP. Posthoumous Processing