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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mail call

Got a few things in from you folks to share.

Kerry B drew this nifty cartoon commenting on the new distaff drivers in Saudi Arabia.

Somebody sent me this pretty Thai sunset but I don't recognize the address, probably Shawn. Maybe Ricardo.

Gods must be smiling on me... half the roof is off and not only did it not rain at 4pm, we got a great sunset! 

Kerry mentions that the Trump phenomenon may have been foretold in this 1990 strip in Heavy Metal magazine.

The Wall by Peter Kuper

This pic was on Google +, photographer unknown, I like it. 

Guess they were wrong. The world didn't end on the 23rd. Oh well.

MJ sent this link on racial demagoguery and youknowwho from the New Yorker.

Shawn sends a link to a video concerning his favorite psychopharmacologist. It is long. Definitely a young person's sport.

And he also offers a dog eared postcard from my first solo photography show.

Then there's this. Tried to warn you.

And an obit to the great Pete Turner:

Jerry sent me this nifty qualitative analysis breakdown.

Hudgins regularly sends me great stuff. A brain built from atomic switches. This is truly fascinating. Either the machines are getting a lot more like us or we are getting a lot more like them. Soon no one will be able to tell.

And Saylor found these petroglyphs hiking in NM the other day.

Kokopelli (or possibly Steve Bannon) and coyote.

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