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Friday, September 29, 2017

Hard times in Whoville.

So let's see, what did I learn today? Probably not a good idea to tattoo your eyeball. DOJ wants Facebook records and histories of Trump's political opponents. That didn't take long. Price pays the price but was magnanimous to offer to pay 50k back to defray his million dollar transportation costs. Cardiologist called with the results from the recent Holter monitor - said my heart was running like a top. Don't go to Germany on vacation for 12 days and leave your four young kids alone in the house, someone is bound to rat you out. Speaking of chilluns, Trumpsters are doing their best to choke out Obamacare, starting with a Congress that has one more day to reauthorize the Children's Health Insurance Program and is doing nothing but sit on their ass. This program funds the health needs of nine million low and middle income family kids. If they fail to do so it will be one more despicable act from a regime that specializes in despicable acts.

And now Dr. Seuss is a racist. Excuse me? The man who wrote the Sneetches and Horton hears a Who!? I don't think so. He was a virulent nazi hater and abhorred racism.

I have collected a lot of his political propaganda material from World War II and he was in no way a racist. Yes, he drew satirical cartoons like the one below. That is what cartoonists do, they satirize. Seuss did it in a most innocuous way, especially when he was writing for children. I read everything he ever wrote and don't recall anything hateful or mean spirited.

His essential message was clearly anti racist. Did he denigrate the Japanese during the war? Yes, he did and later apologized for it. The country had been invaded and people were freaked out, much like after 9-11.

Angelfood McSpade - Robert Crumb

Was Al Jolson also a racist? Robert Crumb? Have you ever read the vile things both Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain wrote about native americans?

Were they racists and should we now boycott Huck Finn and tear down the Lincoln Memorial? Should we raid Crumb''s French chateau with torches and pitchforks and steal all his truffles?

People have gotten too damn ultra sensitive. If you have a problem with the racial identity of the Cat in the hat, well I think it's your problem. If your target is Dr. Seuss, you just may well be too damn politically correct. Who are these prudish guardians of public propriety going to set their beady sights on next, Captain Kangaroo, Bert and Ernie? Never see too many women around...

Two good articles on Ted Geisel and racism, here and here. I'm out.

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