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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Road home

Venus announces the new born sun
We were planning to leave at eight and I made it back with six minutes to spare, threw all my clothes in my suitcase and met Ken out at the car.

I explained to him just how close I came to totally deconstructing his car in my little Rav4/Equus experiment.

We hit the road, after a quick stop at Jack in the box. got my quota of fast food this weekend.

Our destination was Antelope Canyon. We thought we had a choice between touring the lower and upper canyons but upper turned out to be sold out and lower was an absolute zoo. It was our only choice but the vibes were not so good.

We made a reservation for two hours in the future and wandered down by the Marina at Lake Powell.

Always wanted to do the houseboat thing there, thought it would happen with Retha and Doug but it never did. I guess never say never.

We made it to Antelope and watched a hoop dancer perform. After interminable lines we entered the canyon with our group and guide. Very steep stairs, my legs still ache. Ken made fun of my slow descent.

You are no longer allowed to either stop or bring a tripod. This made it tough. I did not have the optimal 20mm lens in my kit. But I made do.

Took some shots that I will be pondering for a long while. I am not going to throw a lot at you right now, have to take my time on these.

Certainly an interesting place visually.

I will check out uppers one of these days, hopefully a slow winter day when there is no danger of a Chinese invasion.

Places certainly have their charms.

We drove to Kingman and spent the night. Took the alternate route home the next day through Joshua Tree, I think faster and definitely prettier. Hope you enjoyed the trip.

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