Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Eagle on the river?

Last week Stutz told me that he thought he saw a juvenile bald eagle down by the river by the Sandia Creek crossing. I have not seen one down there but we had a couple fourth year bald eagles by Olive Hill a few years ago so it is very possible. 

By the way, decades ago we had a golden eagle nest past Morgan Springs further down the river towards Temecula. Haven't seen them in years.

I queried Michael on feathers and appearance, explained kites and ospreys and it definitely sounded like a second year bald eagle male with its variegated crown.

This morning Ed Burchem told me that he saw what sounds like the same bird off of Riverview. I had not mentioned Michael's sighting. Ed grew up here and knows his stuff.

I think we have a young eagle on the river. Cool.

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