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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Hobo Life

I'm still not unpacked from Palm Springs, going back out on the road soon for a couple shows. 

Why bother?

I am tired and trying to conserve some energy.

I have made a couple little things happen and have stayed busy trying to keep things straight.

I finished another course for the university. 

Nine more and I might be able to actually survive in the twilight years, hope to keep them pumping.

I spent the better part of three days ferrying Renee around looking for a new car. Her torque converter on the BMW was giving out.

She bought a Y. Wagman told me this morning that 20 % of all auto sales in California are Model Y's. 

I wouldn't buy one, even though they are great cars. Founder is a creep.

I walked into the office up in Riverside and made a few snide jabs at the precious fuhrer, Elon, and definitely got the look.

They have this cardboard cutout of him in the room that looks like an emaciated Schwarzenegger with hair plugs. Very cultish.


I haven't been able to take a photo for two or three weeks, no time or inclination. 

All business and there is some stuff going on in town that I am not at liberty to talk about but is seriously pissing me off.

One day.


I needed new mirror boxes today for paintings. None of the U Hauls or storage places in Fallbrook have them anymore. So I went up to the moving center in Temecula today. They were out to. They sent me to a place in Murrieta that had four left and I grabbed them. 

Had some Pho and bought some new shoes as my current skechers are not looking too well.

There was an old guy trying on shoes next to me with a U.S. Army hat on. Ex Airborne.

He was talking about his new job. He is selling solar.

I met him at the register and asked him if he wouldn't mind telling me how old he was?

79 years old. New job and busting ass.

I was going to go home and take a nap but after meeting this guy decided to go back to work and get something accomplished.

Dude embarrassed me.


Speaking of food, I made a mean stroganoff and egg noodle dish the other day.

One of my favorite meals and I had never made it before.

Pretty darn good.

Seared the sirloin for a mere 30 seconds a side, it cooked later in the sauce. Leftovers tonight! Always better the second night.


My bird photos hang Saturday in the library, show opens Monday. I hope I get a chance to see it before I leave.

I picked up a beautiful and interesting painting recently.

It was painted by a German Baronesse in 2002, Antoinette Baronesse von Grone.

It is a self portrait but I also have seen it on her website titled "Heart of the matter."

Sort of surreal. She sells for a lot of money. This one originally sold for $6442 in 2012.

I'm not sure what I will sell it for.


I have been looking for a new or refurbished computer, almost ready to pull the trigger.

Either a Mac Mini with lots of ram or a M1 Studio.

I am doing a lot of research.

My imac has lasted ten years, I tend to squeeze every ounce out of my possessions.


I need to get back to packing. No birthday for me this year.

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Sanoguy said...

Not widely known, but, Musk was not the founder of Tesla…. Two guys founded it and Musk was an early investor… he did become CEO following his initial investment….